2015 Spring Meeting Summary & Documents

On June 6, we gathered at Harold O. Davis Memorial UCC, 4500 North 10th Street in Philadelphia for the PSEC Spring Meeting. It was a historic event. PSEC had not met in Philadelphia since 1976! The theme for our meeting was Diverse and Divine. Throughout the meeting, we were inspired by the joyful, spirit-evoking music of the HOD musicians. We enjoyed a continental breakfast and home-style lunch prepared by the dedicated HOD chefs.

Rev. William P. Worley, PSEC Conference Minister, presented 2020 Vision, a draft of the Conference vision for a “unified portion of the Body of Christ moving in one direction to effect for God and for good the lives of all people living in Southeast Pennsylvania.” We learned that PSEC has met the requirements for youth, young adult, and diversity of race, age, and gender for General Synod. We are co-sponsoring the Resolution on Mass Incarceration and will be taking an enormous bundle of school items for the Stuff the Pack mission project. Thank you!

We watched three challenging vignettes depicting moments of racial tension, met in 30 discussion groups to share our stories, and heard a 1-minute summary from each that described What surprised or affected you the most? and What did you take away from this experience?

We saw a slide presentation that highlighted the mission and ministry of the 11 churches celebrating significant anniversaries, installed Conference Leadership and honored our Members in Discernment, new pastors, pastors celebrating ordination anniversaries and pastors retired since May 2014. We also presented certificates to the 55 churches that fully supported OCWM in 2014 by giving to basic support and the four special mission offerings.

An album with photos from the meeting, the Anniversary Church presentation, and all meeting documents are posted below. Thank you to Bishop Kermit L. Newkirk Jr., Rev. Dr. Bernice Baxter, and the members of Harold O. Davis for their extravagant welcome. Praise be to God!

Images from Spring Meeting 2015
2015 Anniversary Churches Slide Presentation

Spring Meeting 2015 Documents:

Official Call (posted 5-6-15)
Agenda (posted 5-6-15)
PSEC Audit 12-31-14 (posted 5-6-15)
Summary of 2014 Income & Expenses (posted 5-6-15)
Childcare Medical Release Form (posted 5-6-15)
Minutes from the PSEC 2014 Fall Meeting (posted 5-6-15)
Standing Rules (posted 5-6-15)
At Door Paper Registration (POSTED 6-2-15)
PSEC 2014 Five-For-Five Churches (POSTED 6-3-15)
PSEC 2020 Vision Draft (POSTED 6-3-15)
General Synod 30 Overview (POSTED 6-3-15)


Ariel Royer Mission Report (posted 5-6-15)
Bethany Children’s Home Report (posted 5-6-15)
Church and Ministry Council Report (posted 5-6-15)
Christian Concern Report (posted 5-6-15)
Ecumenical Relations Mission Team Report (posted 5-6-15)
Evangelical & Reformed Historical Society Report (POSTED 5-19-15)
Global Outreach Mission Team Report (posted 5-6-15)
Hartman Center Camp Report (posted 5-6-15)
Lancaster Theological Seminary Report (POSTED 5-14-15)
Lay Ministry in 21st Century Report (posted 5-6-15)
MIDS & Annual Pastoral Activity (REPOSTED 6-2-15)
Moderator’s Report (posted 5-6-15)
PA Council of Churches Report (posted 5-6-15)
Personnel Committee Report (posted 5-6-15)
Phoebe Ministries Report (POSTED 5-19-15)
Secretary’s Report (posted 5-6-15)
Treasurer’s Report (posted 5-6-15)
Nominating Committee Report (POSTED 6-3-15)

Brochures and Booklet Reports

Interfaith Get-Involved Handout (POSTED 6-2-15)
Interfaith Annual Report 2014 (POSTED 6-2-15)
Lancaster Theological Seminary Flier
(POSTED 5-14-15)
Lay Ministry in 21st Century Brochure (posted 5-6-15)
Lay Ministry in 21st Century Brochure Insert (posted 5-6-15)
MESA Snapshot Tool Flier (posted 5-6-15)
Moravian Theological Seminary Brochure (POSTED 5-6-15)
UCC Cornerstone Fund Brochure (POSTED 6-2-15)
UCC Cornerstone Fund Flier (POSTED 6-2-15)
What is Bethany Children’s Home Brochure (posted 5-6-15)

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