2015 Fall Meeting Summary & Documents

Highlights of the 2015 PSEC Fall Meeting

On November 15, 272 people gathered at St. Paul’s UCC in Douglassville for the PSEC Fall meeting. We opened the meeting with joyful seasonal music led by The Revs. Josh Blakesley, Ann Few, and Mary Etta Mest. We worshiped together and approved the spending plan for 2016.

We celebrated that many people in attendance participated in events offered by the Conference in 2015 a good indication that the budget dollars were spent in a way to assist and enlighten both clergy and lay folks in the Conference.  We look forward to our 169 churches covenanting with the Conference to continue to be able to offer worthwhile programming and training.  We have committed to monetary support of our youth to the National Youth Event in Disney World, to support Bethany Children’s Home, to support our Members in Discernment and, through a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the two properties, support new ministries (a form is available online to request financial support from this New Ministry Fund.)

Rev. Christian Creyer, Conference Treasurer, confirmed that the Conference is no longer in debt, so every dollar received in 2016 will go to current expenses.
Worship followed the budget meeting.  The longest ordained pastor, Rev. Charles Strasbaugh and the most recent ordained pastor, Rev. Zachary Jackson co-facilitated our liturgy.  Conference Minister, Bill Worley, preached on Mark 13 encouraging those in attendance to fear not and look for signs of new birth in places where the Holy Spirit is least expected.  Rev. Worley was joined by Revs. Craner and Morris in the celebration of communion.

Thank you to Rev. Steven Simpson, his gracious congregation for their extravagant welcome. We look forward to seeing you for the 3-day Spring Meeting at West Chester University, June 10-12, 2016.

Images from 2015 Fall Meeting

2016 Spending Plan Slide Show
2015 Fall Meeting Documents

Official Call and Agenda
Standing Rules PSEC

2015 Spring Meeting Minutes
2015 Treasurer’s Report
2016 PSEC Spending Plan
2016 Spending Plan (condensed)
Request for New Ministry Money Form and Letter from Conference Minister dated March 2, 2016
Child Care Medical Release Fall 2015

2015 Fall Meeting Minutes

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