Bausman Memorial UCC, Womelsdorf: December 28, 2014

BausmanWomelsdorfLTBausman UCC in Womelsdorf is located on the campus of Bethany Children’s Home. According to Bethany’s History written by Rev. Ray S. Vandevere, in 1869 or 1870, Rev. Albright petitioned the Lebanon Classis of the Reformed Church for permission to organize a formal congregation in the Home. The permission was granted and on the following 21st day of July he confirmed a class of seventeen orphans and celebrated the first Communion Service with some thirty guests. This was an event of significant importance to the deepening of the spiritual development for Bethany Children’s Home. Rev. Albright very carefully indoctrinated his large family with the importance of contributing to all the benevolent projects of the church. All benevolence was made through freewill offerings of the children and employees of the Home. No funds were ever used from the Home’s accounts.

Today, these traditions continue at Bethany Children’s Home. The youth and staff continue to attend worship services weekly and provide monthly offerings which support OCWM. Spiritual development is an integral component to the health and well-being of our youth. At Bethany, we seek to provide our youth with opportunities to explore the meaning of God and church. We encourage our youth to participate in local youth groups and attend mission trips within the UCC Church.

Our youth are working through a lot of trauma and many times ask…. Is there really a God? And if there is, why would He allow this to happen to me? These are tough issues for our youth, but we work with them to address these issues and show that God is love. Providing our youth with a safe place of nurture, protection, and supportive care, we can help them develop their faith.

Today, we ask for special prayers for our youth in care during the holiday season. This is the most difficult time of the year for our youth and your prayers of guidance and support are much appreciated.

Thank you for helping Bethany and Bausman UCC provide every youth in care with a Brighter Future.

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