Stewardship & OCWM


What is Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) Basic Support?

    1. Best Practices for Handling Church Offerings – A best practices model from the Connecticut Conference that is ready to adapt to your church circumstances.
    2. Audit Committee Handbook – A guide for an internal audit committee, prepared by the Massachusetts Conference by Frank A. Marino, MBA, CPA.
  • Church Management – Property and Liability Risk Solutions from the UCC Insurance Board, including:
    1. Your Church: Employer & Small Business – A basic guide regarding your church’s obligations as an employer and a business. Includes valuable links to resources on taxes and labor law.
    2. Employee Handbook Template – This template includes instruction and gives form to the outline presented in Your Church resource above.
    3. Loss Control Manual, Volume 5 – Church Management – This manual addresses a variety of risk management issues surrounding employment, financial controls, property management (landlord), contracts, purchasing, food preparation, parish nursing, youth ministry and emergency planning.


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