Justice & Witness

Peace, justice, and witness ministries have been at the heart of the United Church of Christ since its founding as a denomination. The Justice & Witness Ministries and Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ invite advocacy on a number of key domestic and international issues.

Within Pennsylvania Southeast Conference many peace, justice, and witness ministries are initiated by and take place within the local congregations. PSEC congregations serve food cupboards and provide shelters for the homeless. They have prison ministries and serve public schools in a variety of ways. Some congregations have a parish nurse who works to improve the healthcare of members and non-members alike. Others work on issues related to gun violence control and immigration rights. Work camps and service projects abound. Eleven PSEC congregations have publicly declared themselves as “open and affirming” to people of all genders and gender orientations.

The PSEC Justice and Witness Mission Team provides leadership and resources to support individual congregations in their justice ministries. The team is open to all volunteers – laity and clergy – who share a passion for social justice and peace issues. Rev. Leslie Kearney is the Chairperson for the PSEC Justice and Witness Mission Team. She can help you locate both resources and opportunities to serve. If you have an interest or concern, contact Pastor Kearney at pastor.kearney@gmail.com.

Individuals and congregations may also be interested in volunteering with ecumenical and non-denominational organizations working to address issues of social justice. The following are links for some organizations that are engaged in issues identified by General Synod resolutions:


  • Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing Program (Justice LED) The Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing program (Justice LED) program was created in 2008 by UCC Justice and Witness staff members. In their travels, they encountered numerous requests for a resource that could help congregations more intentionally reflect on the justice dimensions of Christian discipleship and pursue justice through their ministries and in their lives. ...


Key Issues

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