Justice & Witness Advocacy

Do our policies and values reflect the vision to which our faith calls us? What is the connection between the Gospel call to respond to the hungry – the thirsty, the stranger, those in prison, and those who are sick – and the policy decisions that determine funding for school feeding programs, standards for clean air, sentencing for nonviolent offenders, and health care access? In responding faithfully to God’s call for abundant life for all people we are drawn inevitable to engage in public advocacy and decision-making.

The UCC Justice and Peace Action Newwork (JPANet) is our denomination’s way of mobilizing members to speak and act prophetically through a gr4assroots advocacy network. To join the JPANet, visit: ucc.org/justice/join-the-network/.

Engage your legislator on issues of social justice:

U.S. House of Representatives: house.gov

U.S. Senate: senate.gov

Govtracks: Govtrack.us (a civic project for finding information on legislation and members of Congress)

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